Monday, 3 January 2011


This month's featured Folksy Seller is Hannah of Squintessential who makes beautiful and fashionable jewellery...

1.Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Hannah. I’m 25 and from Cornwall. I work in Payroll and Pensions at a local College and I’m also doing a foundation degree part time in Wildlife Education and Media. If you met me either at home or work you can tell one of my passions is seals! The other is cats and wolves.

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2.What do you reach for first thing in the morning?

My phone! Sad but true. It doubles up as an alarm and is handy to see whether I had any interesting emails through the night. More often than not no! Then I usually go down to check on the cats.

3.What’s better plain or milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate definitely especially Galaxy mmmm!

4.How did you discover that you have creative tendencies?

It tends to flare up now and again. For me since I’m very much a numbers freak it does tend to repress my creativity at times but I’ve never considered myself visually creative unless you count the endless hours in primary school designing clothes! I’m more creative with words and it has only been since April this year I’ve started expressing myself with beads and gems.

5.Where do you find your inspiration?.

From things I watch or read to even nature itself. I try and produce something slightly different and that reflects myself.

6.Do you have any role models/inspirations in the area of Design? If so, who and why?

Sorry no!

7.How did you come up with the ideas for the products in your Folksy shop?

My sister turned 21 this year and I wanted to do something a bit different as a gift, something she could keep. So I bought a magazine got inspired by something in there and went on to produce a gorgeous wire cage charm bracelet and earrings. It also coincided with a low point at work and helped to keep me sane so I got more supplies and couldn’t stop! I try to create something that slightly different but will cheer up at the same time.
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8.What are you future plans for your work?

Keep crafting! Currently I tend to only use Folksy as a selling medium and would like to expand into other markets. I also want to play around with polymer clay- have had a small attempt at this so far and it looks promising!

9.What’s your favourite thing in the world and why?

Cake! There is nothing better than good cake- it makes your worries go away for a time. There’s this place near me- Trevaskis Farm that does amazing cakes portions are the size of small meals!

10.Can you share some of your favourite Folksy shops with us?

There’s so many! Most notable Dawn from Lily’s Night Garden ( who does amazing cards and homeware.

Gemma of Damselflygemma fame- Lots of cool and original jewellery.

The infamous Natalie- her gemstone charms and bags are amazing.


  1. Great feature on a lovely Folksy seller! And huge thanks to Hannah for mentioning my shop as one of her favourites - so flattered! I'm liking the sound of cake the size of small meals and its great to find out a bit more about Hannah and Squintessential :)

  2. Great feature, Hannah makes some wonderful things, and I have some of them! Interesting to read more about her, and to find out I share her taste in cake and chocolate!:)

  3. Thanks Chloe and Margaret for your comments. Hannah is so lovely and it's a pleasure to help promote her beautiful jewellery. Traceyann :)


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