Sunday, 25 March 2012

New Design - Little Tweet with Personalised Lettering

This is my new little tweet ring design with personalised lettering around the ring shank.  I’m really interested in using lettering in my work and at the moment I’m experimenting with making my own stamps to use with precious metal clay.  Jewellery designing is just so amazing with the vast techniques available!

grace angelica 012


  1. Ring design is beautiful have a lavishing look and a cunning style
    Sofia James

  2. Really trends are changing. But some trends never go old. Also sometimes the old fashion and trends are back with some modifications. original Michael M rings are also awesome.

  3. Amaze! This is the best idea. I love them. It seems a kind of reminder too of your special people and events inside your life. Thanks a bunch for sharing the following awesome idea. . Personalised jewellery


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